September 3rd 2016 Gradings

Wow!! What a huge day of gradings.

Massive Congratulations to our 2 newest 2nd Degrees - Boosabum Martin Paul and Boosabum Brodie Smith, along with our 9 newest Black Belts!!!
Boosabum Taylor Fitzgibbon
Boosabum Karen Ingram
Boosabum Ryan Ingram
Boosabum Tianna Ross
Boosabum Taleah Ross
Boosabum Callum Wilshere
Boosabum Jodi Franklin
Boosabum Samantha Spearman
Boosabum Chloe Hatfield.

You have all been working so hard towards this and it showed on the day! Every challenge you just kept stepping up. We are so proud of each and every one of you!

Thank you for your determination, indomitable spirit, perserverance, self control, integrity and courtesy. They all shone through out the day.

Congratulations also to our gup students who kickstarted the day with good standard providing themselves with a successful gradings!

Below is a selection of photos from the grading. More to come in the Gallery.

20160903 Grading 01

20160903 Grading 03

20160903 Grading 05

20160903 Grading 18

Maggie Island 2016

TAEKWON!!! And it's on again!!!

World Champion and SUPER COACH Mr. Carl van Roon is coming to Townsville to facilitate this years Maggie Island Camp. Book your places now with your branch instructor. This is the best sparring/ competition mindset seminar that you will ever go to, Mr Carl van Roon is superb in his delivery of sparring techniques, drills, exercises and tactics, it is no accident that he is multiple times World Champion, across many different martial arts. August 26-28, on beautiful Magnetic Island North Queensland. Beach training, fun activities, and great training in a friendly environment. All food, accommodation, travel and training included in the price, just get yourself to the ferry!!

Online Registration!

Sabum Nigel, Sabum Andy Smith, Sabum Ben Hetherington, Sabum Bill Coyer, Sabum Mal Goon Chew

Maggie 2016


Notice to all Sun Soo ITF Taekwon-Do students.

In relation to the NQ Games next weekend in Cairns, there is no ITF Taekwon-Do section. You are welcome and encouraged to participate in the competition under WTF rules, there will be NO patterns suitable for our system, but there is sparring, and some form of breaking. I have spoken to the WTF organizing committee and they are willing to lend gear to those who want to have a go at sparring. I encourage you to support the event if you can.

Contact me directly on 0428280670 if you require any further information.

Thank you and Taekwon.
Sabum Nigel