Another Great weekend for Authentic Taekwon-do Townsville.  Joining our fellow western club, Authentic Taekwon-Do Charters Towers for their Master Seminar and Gradings.  Huge thank you to Senior Master Jamie Moore for a great seminar, passing on his many years of experience and knowledge to all attending.  SM Jamie Moore conducted a 3 1/2 hour seminar to students of all ages and ranks.  Breaking down the more technical side of our gup patterns.

He had everyone working hard on understanding and practicing 'Continuous Motion, Fast Motion, Connecting Motion and Slow Motion'.  Integrating how we perform and use sine wave correctly through out our patterns.  Of course there's always time for some great fun kicking on the shields as well!

Black Belts were also treated to some time going over their new senior patterns under the watchful eyes of Senior Master Jamie Moore and then with the assistance of Sabum Nigel and Sabum Andy.

As the afternoon rolled on our seminar finished and Gradings began.

"Congratulations" to the brave Authentic Taekwon-Do Charters Towers students who successfully did their gup gradings tests in front of a grading panel consisting of 6 International Instructors including SM Jamie Moore!!! How daunting that must be! Well done indeed!!!

It was surely another great ATKD day all round!

Thank you to all the Townsville crew for joining us for another great day of ITF Authentic Taekwon-Do training, learning, sharing and having FUN!!

Taekwon, Sabum Andy


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