Update 13/07/20:

At this stage the branches open are Pimlico, Cranbrook, Annandale, Ayr, Northshore.

Northshore have moved to the community Centre in Iris Lane, which is on the otherside of Northshore boulevard.

Willows school are not allowing anybody back yet.

The JCU club is in the same position: only staff and students alowed back on campus.

If you train at willows or uni please go to one of the other branches. We will let you know when all venues are available! Any further details call Master Paul on 0428280670, msg via Facebook or check back here on the website.

Hello members and friends of Sun Soo. After meetings today with school officials we are set for a restart of training in our schools as of the beginning of term 3, being the 13th July. We are excited to be able to once again provide quality training in a safe environment, adhering to all requirements, and working within our code of conduct.


Good evening Masters, Instructors, students and Sun Soo families.

The executive team has made the decision to suspend training and close all 7 Sun Soo ITF Taekwon-do schools, in the interest of public health. I will be offering online tutorials to all members, starting with the step sparring process. As this Pandemic runs it's course we will play it by ear.

Please take the advice of the government and public health officials, and together we will beat this. If you have any questions please call me on 0428280670 or msg this page. Stay safe, look after yourself and your family.

Talk soon,

Master Nigel Paul

You cant calm the storm