Classes starting for the 2017 year

Annandale: Tuesday 24th of Jan, 5:30pm.
Pimlico: Monday 23rd of Jan, 6:00pm.
Cranbrook: Tuesday 24th of Jan, 6:00pm.
Kirwan: Monday 23rd of Jan, 6:00pm.
Willows: Already going. Started last Monday the 9th of Jan, 6pm.
North Shore: Tuesday 24th of Jan, 6:00pm.

As Thursday the 26th of January is a public holiday, classes at Annandale, Cranbrook and Kirwan, will not be running.

Success at the UITF Nationals

The Townsville team have come back from the UITF National Championships in Canberra over the weekend (3rd Dec) with a swag of medals.

UITF Nationals Dec 2016 TSV Team 2

Here are the results:

Sabum Nigel Paul:

- Gold Open Blackbelt Men's heavy weight sparring
- Gold Men's Senior Black Belt patterns
- Gold Men's Black Belt Power breaking
- Silver Men's Black Belt Special technique

Sabum Andrea Smith:

- Gold Woman's Black Belt Sparring
- Gold Women's Black Belt Patterns
- Gold Women's Special technique
- Silver Women's Black Belt Power breaking

Boosabum Sally Dennis:

- Gold Woman's Power breaking
- Silver Blackbelt Sparring

Boosabum Martin Paul:

- Gold Junior Blackbelt Patterns
- Gold Junior Blackbelt Power breaking
- Gold Junior Black Belt Special technique
- Silver Junior Blackbelt Sparring

Boosabum Brodie Smith:

- Gold Junior Blackbelt Sparring
- Silver Junior Blackbelt Power breaking
- Silver Junior Special technique
- Bronze Junior Blackbelt Patterns

All Gold medal winners are National Champions.

Selections for Argentina are now being finalized and will be released in the next week.