Congratulations to all of our amazing Sun Soo Gup students that got up on the mat for their first patterns tournament!
And a big thank you to all of our black belts and Instructors that judged, officiated and supported. And as always the support of all our amazing families.
We ended up with results in two divisions.
1st Division and overall winners areā€¦
Gold: Alexis Calder
Silver: Brylee Johnson
Bronze: Bella Ingram
Bronze: Brock Cahill
Bronze: Lachlan Beazley
2nd Division
Gold: Maddison Ashton
Silver: Miranda Beazley
Bronze: Joshua Christian
Bronze: Alex Moore
Bronze: Isla Robertson
2021 patterns tournament 01
2021 patterns tournament 02
2021 patterns tournament 03
2021 patterns tournament 04
2021 patterns tournament 05