Hello all SunSoo members and parents.
Thank you for your support in this challenging year. I read a quote that said ' if you don't learn anything from 2020 then you aren't going to learn from anything ' ,for it has been a journey for sure. Part of this journey, and my quest for continual improvement in all students of Sun Soo, is the introduction of a technique skills assessment and recording system. This is to identify any areas that students may need extra time exploring before advancing to the next level. This will consist of a 1 on 1 technique check, of all technique required of the students current rank. The student will keep a record of this proficiency in the provided booklet. Once a student has all required checks done they will be taught the pattern of that level, and then invited to grade. Grading will be via invitation.
Blackbelt and 2nd Gup testing will be 2 times per year, with an assessment 3 months out from testing to gauge ability and commitment.
Can all students please be available on Saturday the 5th December to attend this verification event, and be available all day. The day will begin with a seminar from 8.30 am till 12pm, then a short lunch break, resuming at 12.45 and dependent on student rank finish anywhere up to 5.30pm. The venue is the Suns AFL clubhouse, Iris Lane ,North shore. The cost is $20 per person, and those invited to grade will be an extra $35-40, depending on level/ belt.
Please discuss with your instructor any questions you may have.
Thank you,
Master Nigel Paul VII