But now the branch will have to change its name to Sun Soo Gulliver.
The new hall is situated on the corner of Palmerston and Stafford St, on the Holy Family Catholic Parish campus.
The branch will restart this Monday the 24 of August.
Unfortunately for my local Willows and Kirwan students this will add an extra 10min on your journey, to and from training. I have had difficulties over the last couple of months attaining a hall near the Willows area, and I made the decision to extend my search further out. I have managed to maintain our usual training times of Monday and Wednesday 6pm to 7:30pm.
Please remember to bring your own water bottle, as the drink taps on campus are restricted.
I am looking forward to be training with my old Willows and new Gulliver crew next week again.
See you there.
Sabum Ben