Authentic Taekwon-Do Townsville will once again be hosting an Australian Team Selection and Open Taekwon-Do Tournament under ITF Rules.  Competition and Round 2 of the Australian Team Selections will be held on the 16th of June, 2012 at the Rasmussen State School Hall.  Competitor Entry Forms and lodgement details are available here.  Entries can be submitted by mail or by hand and received by Friday 15th June.  Extra Information is available here.

The day started with an International Umpire school in which 21 participants gained either A, B or C class Umpiring licenses, giving them the qualifications to officiate at either International, National or State level events. This puts us in good stead to have a strong, professional and well trained umpire base to take over to the USA for the world championships in 2012.  Well done all !!!

The competition kicked off at 1pm and continued until the last competitor took to the floor at 9pm. There were many great play offs in the patterns, with some surprise winners and a fantastic level of ability on display, from the junior coloured belts right through to the senior blackbelts. This was closely followed up by the many, many rounds of sparring, with some tough fights and hard fought wins. The best highlight was the level of sportsmanship displayed by all competitors in the true spirit of Taekwon-do, I am delighted to say that we will certainly be an example to follow at the Florida event in 2012. The power breaking was hotly contended by the blackbelts, with some massive breaks being demonstrated. And we must thank Sabum Scott Bower for doing a demonstration break at the completion of the event (and yes, that’s why he is a World Champion…). The final event before closing the competition was the Special Technique, which everyone thoroughly enjoyed, some of those kids were amazing, how do they fly like that?!?!

The following morning a grading was conducted by Sabum’s Paul and Bower for the visiting clubs and Instructors, with everyone enjoying the event.

Authentic Taekwon-do Townsville extends a heartfelt thank you to the clubs that travelled to Townsville to participate, and to the local martial arts schools that participated.


Sabum Nigel Paul VI Dan.